Just by looking at our reviews of the best waist trainers, these waist shapers are reasonably priced. Why would we consider its price acceptable and what should we expect with that amount of money we want to spend on a piece of undergarment? The short answer is that, it solely depends on the original use of the product and your most important concerns in a waist training product. These are the price ranges for different types of costume corsets. As mentioned earlier, they can change with time and the demands of the customers.

Costume waist trainers ($40-$120)
If you’re looking for waist trainers, this is the reasonable amount of money you should spend. This type of waist trainers is made out of low-quality and materials and can be easily damaged, which makes suitable to use as costumes on one-time occasions. Ann-Chery-Latex-Waist-Cincher-Vest-XXX-Large-img-300x151

Beginner’s waist trainers ($80 – $210)
This improved type of waist shaper ensures at least a 2 inch reduction of the waistline and high-quality materials. It is named as “beginner’s waist trainers” because it is best for individuals who are starting to get into the waist training regime, but doesn’t want to spend money while doing so or is not sure about the decision.

Designer and Handmade waist trainers ($210- $520)
If you’re really serious about investing into waist train, I suggest you would purchase waist trainers made by designer-brands or handmade ones. They’re made out of top-quality materials and they’re very effective in promoting waist reduction.

Custom waist trainers and fancy handmade ready to wear ($520 – $1500)
Looking for a fancy ready-to-wear or custom-made waist trainers? You’ll have to save up at least $500. It really depends on the materials used for the whole garment, the difficulty in making it and also its details and embellishment. These waist trainers are personally made for your specific body type and style.